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Hotels in Prague offers a list of hotels and accommodation in Prague - 2 * cheap hotels in Prague , as well as medium and high class accommodation in 3-star and 4-star hotels to the 5-star category luxury hotels in Prague . One-star or two-star hotels category is generally very inexpensive alternative accommodation in apartments or multi-bed rooms with shared or private bathrooms. Mid-range hotels in the three-star standard offer a cheap alternative standard accommodation with private bathroom, television or radio. Four-star hotels category is for demanding customers who want to spend some quality time in the hotel's comfortable rooms, including a high standard hotel room and catering services from wellness through the transfer or leisure activities with the assistance of the hotel reception. Five-star hotels offer luxurious accommodation, which, besides the above mentioned room and hotel services assume special location of the hotel a unique atmosphere, design implementation, a historical touch of genius loci, or location in the historical quater or in the center of Prague with panoramic views. All information about the hotel, the rooms, the services or the hotel room prices and pictures, see the links below hotels.

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Hotels in Prague - Online hotel booking system OnlineHotels offers the cheapest prices and last minute discounts - cheap hotels in Prague . Prices for accommodation are final without any additional costs - all customers pay on arrival at the reception, some hotels require a credit card only as a guarantee and protection against abuse of the online system. Reservations can therefore easily be canceled without cancellation charges until 1 day before arrival.

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